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How to apply

Here you find the profiles of the participating professors in the Humanities, Economics, and Social Sciences. This list is constantly updated. You can conveniently apply directly at the end of each profile: please download and fill in the application form and send it to us via e-mail (use the blue button at the end of the PDF form) by 28 February 2023. Please keep in mind to attach your CV and a publication list to the e-mail.

Note: The University of Duisburg-Essen (UDE) is suffering from the after-effects of a cyber-attack. Therefore, we are unfortunately unable to publish host profiles of the UDE. The homepages of many UDE chairs and research centers are currently not accessible as usual. If you are already in contact with a UDE professor and would like to participate in the Research Explorer Ruhr, please fill out the application form and submit it as an unsolicited application.

Unsolicited applications

Important note: In case you would like to work with a researcher who has not uploaded a profile, please fill in the application form (PDF) and send it with your academic CV and a publication list to by 28 February 2023 so that we can get in touch with the respective professor. Do NOT send any kind of application to a professor directly.


Participating Hosts


Prof. Dr. Stefan Berger (Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Faculty of History
Institute for Social Movements
Social History and the History of Social Movements

Research Area:

My research centre and its various research groups work on the following areas:

  • history of social movements in global perspective
  • history of labour movements in global perspective
  • history of deindustrialization in global perspective
  • memory history
  • social history of industrialization and deindustrialization
  • theory of history and history of historiography
  • British-German transnational history
  • history of nationalism in global perspective
  • history of industrial regions in comparative perspective

Candidate Profile:

I would be looking for someone who is passionate about their research, who is able to engage with other perspectives and who is a good team player whilst also being able to work independently.

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Teacher Education and Research:

Prof. Dr. Carolyn Blume (TU Dortmund University)

Cultural Studies (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
Dortmund Competence Center for Teacher Education & Research
Chair for digitally-mediated teaching and learning

Research Area:

The Dortmund Competence Center for Teacher Education & Research (DoKoLL) coordinates the teacher education programs of the various subject areas. As the chair for digitally-mediated teaching and learning, my team's research and development focuses on equipping future teachers with the knowledge to design and implement meaningful English language learning scenarios in an age of digitality with heterogeneous and inclusive student populations. The focus is typically on teachers' attitudes and self-perceived competence regarding the use of digital tools for meaning-making and language learning purposes, addressing the fact that the habitus of emerging teachers is often very different than the mediatized world of English language learners in the German school context. While the immediate focus is on English as a foreign or additional language, the implications of digitality for a variety of subjects is addressed. Moreover, issues of accessibility through and within digital tools, is an important focus. Blended learning, establishing theory-practice partnerships, and fostering communities of practice are key elements of this work.

Candidate Profile:

We are looking for an independently motivated and self-efficacious candidate who is interested in digitally-mediated teaching and learning, and who understands the concept of digitality as a fundamental shift, especially as it relates to language education and social practices. The candidate has carried out innovative empirical or theoretical work and is eager to share their knowledge in an international team that is characterized by a lack of hierarchy and a receptivity to diversity. A superior ability to quickly discern the contextual implications of teacher education in our setting, compared to theirs, is desirable. Strong technical skills are a plus, but not a requirement, as we are always looking to strengthen our own technical competences. An interest in a longer-lasting collaboration or project is welcomed.

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