CoachingPLUS: Developing an effective research funding strategy


Time: Workshop: Thu, 19 August 2021, 9.00–15.00 h; Individual consultancy sessions: Fri, 20 August 2021, 8.30–17.00 h by arrangement (50 min each)
Location: Online via Zoom
Target group: Junior Faculty of the UA Ruhr universities (junior professors, research group leaders, habilitation candidates); max. 9 participants
Trainer: Dr. Thomas Koch
Registration: by 5 August 2021
Contact for organizational queries: Simon Kresmann (Graduate Center Plus)

Content and aim of the workshop

The workshop aims to clarify medium to long-term research goals and to develop a road map for achieving them in the individual setting. It explores both opportunities and challenges associated with external research funding and provides essential guidance on how to exploit funding schemes effectively for further career advancement.

The program covers the German academic career system, key national and EU funding programs available at different career stages, how to design fundable projects and deal with low success rates, as well as strategic planning in the research context. Participants will learn how to develop a sustainable research agenda, identify a portfolio of funding opportunities to pursue in coming years and manage the grant life cycle systematically to build their resources and capabilities. The interactive, hands-on workshop employs theoretical input, plenary discussions, individual and small group work, experience sharing, peer coaching, and expert advice. It may be presented in both English or German depending on the preferences of the participants.

Module 1: Pre-teaching activities (1.5 hrs)
Finding and selecting funding
Module 2: Online workshop (6 hrs)
From research idea to fundable project
Exploiting funding opportunities: practice scenarios
Towards a strategic plan for funding your research
Module 3: Individual consultancy sessions (50 min)
Registration by arrangement two weeks before the workshop

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Thomas Koch is a research management consultant and certified business trainer and coach. He provides hands-on workshops and individual guidance for researchers to realise their research ideas and career objectives. He also supports higher education institutions and research consortia in implementing strategic initiatives and preparing grant proposals. Holding a PhD in physical chemistry from the UK, he builds on 10 years of international experience as a researcher and 12 years of professional experience as a research manager and senior administrator at universities in Bochum (RUB) and Munich (LMU).


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